Real-time solutions for non-destructive analysis and volume control
of raw material and semi-finished pieces in production processes in large industries.

Industry, System integrators, OEM, Laboratories.

to the issues

With directed Research and Development efforts we model non-conventional inline and offline industrial process sensors supported by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, solutions that can detect non-periodic correlations or hidden inter-dependencies. This means that we can decipher and eliminate issues connected with measurements and control of processing lines, from the laboratory to quality control, in large manufacturing industries.

Artificial Intelligence

Effective application of artificial intelligence algorithms to support automation of industry and Man requires careful and precise measurement, reliable data over time. For this reason, before developing fine mathematics, we design, process and produce reliable industrial sensors, elevated to superior performance levels.


Special attention is paid to non-destructive control, in real-time, of moisture, of density and of defects present in the volume and on the surface of the raw materials or the semi-finished pieces. iLD industrial solutions advise the operator how to intervene on automation, forecast probable faults and correct them in good time, how to optimise the production process while reducing production waste and reducing the footprint of polluting agents.

Industrial sensor systems
supported by brilliant ideas came before the Age of iLD.

  • THzScan – “Volumetric” measurements of: singularities, defects, internal breakages, moisture control unit, density and stresses with 3D image analysis and processing.
  • MWScan – Non-conventional high-performance “volumetric” measurements and controls on moisture and density: 10,000 measurements/second up to pressures of 250 Bar.
  • HYBScan – Non-destructive volumetric controls of moisture inside heterogeneous composite materials, having different physical properties.
  • One.AI.THz / One.AI.MW / One.AI.HYB – High-performance data processing platforms used for implementing our sensors’ modelling algorithms.